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Thanks so much for sending your new disc to me. I love it. Smick smack!

The guitar sounds are great, and your voice is incredible. You sound all grown up now! I have been listening for the last hour or so, and all the material is really strong. The production values are top notch, and there is a wonderful transparency to the mix that makes it sound very rich. I love all the little touches in the recordings. The strings and the second guitars.. beautifully restrained and perfect for the songs.

I think this is one of the most consistent songwriter records I've ever heard. The songs are each standing on their own perfect little pedestal, and they all compliment each other. Were I you, I would very proud of this.

The Sky's Alive... fuck me, what a great song.

I will call you real soon. One evening next week, after I've been digging this for a while.

You spanked this one right out the park, pal. It's still going....

Wallace Landreth

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