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Ever felt like you've been missing out on something?

Brian Plummer has just completed his seventh album, Perfect World. An acoustic recording . . . 13 tracks . . . intelligent and thoughtful songs with great melodies, husky vocals with soaring harmonies . . .stories of life, sung from a songwriters heart.

Brian began his recording career with No Questions. The album became popular and notorious in Canada, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, and England, where it was promptly banned, then reinstated. No Questions still remains a topic of discussion on websites such as the CFNY Spirit of Radio Discussion Forum, where postings continue more than 25 years after its 1980 release.

In others words:

  • "Plummer . . . understands things like timing, stage flair, and presence. Combine all those attributes with a strong song writing talent and it gives us Brian Plummer." Allan Neister, THE GLOBE AND MAIL
  • SOUND CANADA MAGAZINE (now SOUND & VISION MAGAZINE) - Ten Pop Albums of 1980: 1. Sky / Sky 2. Pink Floyd / The Wall 3. Bruce Cockburn / Humans 4. Al Di Meola / Splendido Hotel 5. Brian Plummer / No Questions 6. Joni Mitchell / Shadows and Light 7. Rough Trade / Avoid Freud 8. Paul Simon / One Trick Pony 9. George Jones & Tammy Wynette / Together Again 10. John Lennon and Yoko Ono / Double Fantasy
A dynamic entertainer, Brian continues to question, stimulate, and challenge. Let yourself in on Brian Plummer, one of the best-kept secrets in Canadian music.

Welcome to a Perfect World.

Thanks so much for sending your new disc to me. I love it. Smick smack!

I find you have to listen a few times to the CD Perfect World...you may miss it's treasures the first time through

I know thats short and to the point, but if I was a scholarly writer I would still say Brian sings about life and real life , hard life , knock down hard, knife to your throat. Complex. I'm glad you found him and he found you.
Roberta Clarke

A plate which contains all suffering and all memories of living, dixit CD baby.

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